iRota e-rostering at its best
iRota has a considerable number of features, some of which are highlighted below. The incredible flexibility within iRota allows you to use whichever features are relevant to your site. It can be configured independently to meet the variety of needs of different groups of staff within your organisation. iRota can be utilised in virtually any industry to manage staff efficiently with optimum management control and oversight.

The options are easily controllable within the Setup and Security functions, with no IT input.
Staffing requirements, skill mix and targets
iRota can easily keep a check on the staffing level. YOU can enter criteria (Targets) to specify the staffing level required at any period of the day, for any department, any area, and any combination of skill mix, and/or sex. You can enter as many targets as required and iRota will keep track, while you create your schedule or rota. Rotas can be divided into roles (or skills) within the department. These are fully configurable for each department/area independently and can be as detailed as you require, completely independent from pay bands or scales.

iRota calculates, adjusting at every point during the day when circumstances change - it DOES NOT simply count shifts! Current staffing against targets is always dynamic - up to the minute - and viewable by senior management.
Scheduling / rotas / rostering
iRota provides a rota for each area or department. The format is very similar to the paperwork / tables / spreadsheets that staff are used to, and have been using for many years.

The rota displays only what is necessary - no clutter with file structures or tool bar / icon ribbons. Within each department, YOU decide on the shifts names and codes and how they are displayed on the rota in comprehensive and/or abbreviated display. For example, in a department with one area and three types of shift, the rota is very compact, yet it will still easily display everything necessary for a multi-area department with flexible working times and 100+ staff.

In large departments, iRota will allow several members of staff to work on the same rota simultaneously, with each person able to see the whole picture as it unfolds. This feature is just as relevant for a small department, where the multi-user nature, and flexible security could enable staff to self-roster, but still with all the management benefits and checks provided by the system.

iRota provides optional Auto-Fill functions for rapid scheduling. These included auto-pick from available staff, quick select of multiple staff for the same shift, shift pattern entry, and 'one-click' common shifts.

There is no fixed rota period. You can start and stop where you wish. You could, for example organise your Christmas rota weeks, or even months, in advance so that the staff know exactly what is happening. That could make for happier staff. You could also create a rota for the whole year if that is what is needed. It is also possible to go to any point in the future and enter, and publish, a pre-agreed shift/arrangement for an individual or group.
Annual leave and bank holidays
iRota keeps track of all leave, optionally separating Annual Leave and Bank Holidays, allowing management to allocate holidays in the most cost effective way, as far ahead as necessary. It will automatically calculate pro-rata personal allowances taking in to account start dates, contracted hours, changes to contracts at any point during the year, and weekly allowances for a whole group of staff working a particular role.

Annual leave simply becomes part of the rota as soon as it is approved.

iRota will also keep track of complex arrangements such as annualised or term-time contracts.
Shift and leave requests
Staff can easily make requests for specific shifts, days off and annual leave, directly from their personal calendars. Managers are able to approve or decline requests. Free text and priority allows the staff to provide further information to help managers prioritise where flexibility is limited.

Rather than restricting the number of requests, iRota keeps track of the numbers, and leaves the decisions to management. The totals are clearly visible to both the manager and member of staff.

All requests are clearly visible while someone is generating the rota.

Calculations of available working hours compared to holiday allowance on a per role basis help to show staff when leave could be taken. A week by week status can be set as availability decreases, which is clearly shown on the employee's personal calendar as 'good availability', 'limited availability', 'no availability'. Shows leave as 'requested', 'approved', 'declined'.
Study and training
Trainers/Educators can plan study and training well in advance and integrate with the rotas. The Study Planner shows agreed leave and requested leave to help make decisions as to who to put on training and when. Previous study and training can be shown for any employee, along with a 'how long ago' figure that calculates relative to the period being viewed/planned.

Titles of training courses etc can be managed at local level if required, allowing you the ability to create relevant courses. Planned study simply becomes part of the rota. All training, dates, times, details are clearly show on the personal calendar.
Absence, sick and planned
iRota easily keeps track of absence as it occurs. The Daily Overview allows the manager to mark the member of staff as absent, with a reason, both for today and potentially future days, along with an optional 'return to work' day. On the same screen they are able to establish who could be available, as an alternative resource, based on previous and future shifts. When a replacement is found they can easily be added to the day's rota. The contact details are available from the same screen.

iRota will also track planned sickness and absence, and contains detailed options for recording this, and more.

iRota optionally calculates the Bradford Factor/Index - a recognised means of scoring sickness.
Fill vacant shifts internally
iRota has features to allow the rota creator to add additional requirements to the rota. These can be offered within the system to internal members of staff, before deciding to place with an outside agency. Staff can make requests against the available shifts, and the manager can selectively approve these.

If a shift cannot be filled internally, the manager can convert it to an external shift. This includes the reference and status as to whether it is filled. If available, the manager can add the name of the external agency worker, which is then included on all daily views.

Externally filled shifts are automatically counted in the staffing targets, and any interrogation clearly shows that the numbers are being fulfilled by external staff.
Multi-area multi-department
iRota can roster staff across multiple areas within a department/group. The areas are clearly shown on the rota, the daily overview, and the personal calendar.

Staff who work in multiple departments can be rostered by each department, with availability clearly shown to each other or blocked off where applicable.
Non standard, multi-area, and multi-role contracts
iRota will easily manage the non standard contracts. Mid year starts, finishes or changes; below standard contracted hours; specific days of the week; non standard shift lengths; preferences and contractual agreements; splits between two areas or departments; splits between two different roles. None of those is a problem.

Just schedule them like you would any conventional member of staff.
Timesheet - invidual and summary for payroll
iRota displays a fully analysed timesheet for each individual, for any specified period. The analysis includes Unsocial hours (Sat, Sun, Night, Bank Hols), Extra hours up to the normal working week, Overtime (Mon-Fri, Sat, sun, Bank Hol, Incentivised), Annual Leave, Bank Holiday Leave, and Sickness.

The Timesheet Summary shows all employees analysed as above.
Ease of use - minimal training
The majority of staff should be able to use iRota with NO training. Even the key users should only need minimal training as iRota is very intuitive.

The system is structured into 'real life' functionality, so most of the options are just a mouse-click away when you need them, allowing very quick entry of data with minimal effort.

Unlike many pieces of software, and IT solutions, there is no jargon, no computer speak, no ambiguous icons, no confusing menus, no codes, no right-clicks or special keys. Just simply click on the item in question and fill in the blanks. The available options to any group of users are fully configurable within both the site and department using the security options.

iRota does not require the user to run reports, or perform 'queries' in order to see basic everyday information. Click on the menu button (presented in plain, clear, descriptive English) and the information is displayed.
Web-based for minimal IT impact
iRota is web based and runs in the browser - it is no different for the users than any other web site they normally access. It can be accessed on Windows/MAC/Linux/Tablets via Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox. It is hosted in data centres on high band width, high availability (24/7/365) servers, and fully managed for you. (It can be hosted internally if required.) This creates limited impact on local IT resources and means that iRota can be accessed (no cost option) anywhere. This is a massive benefit to IT support as nothing needs installing on local or client computers.
User security and access
Access to all the options on iRota are easily controllable within the Setup and Security functions, with no IT input.

Within Security you can assign an option or group of options to an individual member of staff.

You can safely and confidently give access to all users, not just the key management users.
Simple licencing agreement
iRota is licenced based on the number of current employees that you require to manage. No restrictions on concurrency or the number of devices that you use, or where you access from. One licence to cover your organisation for the software and support plus all updates and new version.

iRota only comes in one version. No silver / gold / platinum with different features and pricing levels. All subscribers receive the same fully functional system, and gain from the continual development of the software. You chose which functionality you want to use.
Tablet and smartphone access
Staff can be given access (subject to security) to view and interact with their personal calendars from any device with a browser. This is part of the software (not an optional extra) - no APP is required.
Don't forget:
NO IT input required

NO unnecessary waiting or "queueing" for pages/reports to load

NO fixed rota periods

NO capital outlay
NO licencing restrictions

NO jargon, computer speak, ambiguous icons, confusing menu's, codes, right clicks, or special keys

NO expensive, time consuming, training commtiment
NO restrictions - you control who can do what

NO need for central management to modify pre-defined templates

NO restrictions on the number, length or type of shifts
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