iRota e-rostering at its best
iRota has been specifically designed to remove multiple papers, forms, books, spreadsheets and Post-it notes traditionally used for staff schedules and records. iRota eliminates duplication and errors by allowing you to view all these 'old' systems simultaneously in one simple to use software solution.


iRota will quickly and easily provide accurate, and safe staff schedules (sometimes known as rotas, e-rostering or off duty) with the added benefits of holiday planning; holiday, shift, and time off requests; sickness recording; planning training; overtime and timesheets; time in lieu and time owed/owing; and on-call duty and hours.
iRota also provides senior management with up to the minute, relevant information including targets.
iRota is incredibly flexible. It's your choice whether you allow access by all users, or just key users, and whether you run iRota 'paperless', 'paper-lite' or print out as you do now.
Organisations need a system which is accurate and easy to use, with dynamic reporting. Unfortunately if your systems are lacking, then management data can often be received too late to take any necessary action and. Worse still, this can mean inaccurate data with historical and consequential financial implications.

iRota provides the key staff easy to use tools to ensure the data is correct, and easily updated, with audit trail, as it happens. This cuts out unnecessary paperwork and time consuming alterations

Cost effective
Absolute accuracy
Less reliance on temporary staff
Easy to implement
No capital costs - annual subscription
Accurate real time reports
Contractual commitment 1 year
Free on site software evaluation
iRota provides the tools to manage the most cost effective use of staff however complex departments are. iRota can easily deal with multi-department/area/role working, with different shift patterns and lengths.

The rota editing screen automatically incorporates annual leave, training and shift requests, and shows weekly and running contractual hours / time owing.

Employee and role preferences allow 'one click' entry of common shifts. Multiple shifts can also be made using pattern entry, or auto-fill options, again with minimal clicks required.

Easily meet the organisational and safety requirements for staff levels and also the requests from the workforce for legal, and personal life requirements.

The is no limit to the length, number, name or types of shifts.
iRota provides fully interactive options for each individual member of staff. Where this may not meet management policy, print functions are provided. However, each option is fully security controlled.

These options include a personal calendar showing details of shifts, annual leave, time owed or owing, training, on call. Requests for shifts and annual leave can be made directly on the calendar.

Staff can also view their own personal details with summary of sickness, annual leave (entitlement/remaining) and training, with associated dates.

From Smartphones staff are able to view their shifts in simple diary view

All staff can view the live, up to date department/area rota.
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